30 Book-to-Screen Crossover at Female Network

So I finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 earlier. It was, as expected, very emotional, and well, epic. Now I have that urge to reread the last book just to remember how it was, but then maybe I should just reread the entire series, right? Harry Potter wasn’t the one that got me into reading, but it’s definitely one of those good books that will transcend time. So as with everyone else: Thank you, J.K. Rowling.

On another note, my fourth book list came out at Female Network last week, but I wanted until now to post about it because it involves book to movie cross overs in honor of Harry Potter. :)

Click image to go to the list! :)

Click image to go to the list! :)

I’m not much of a movie person, but I like watching movie adaptations of books. I think I have learned the art of not comparing the book to a movie, though. I find that I’m a bit more detached with the movie’s story, though and I like that because I end up enjoying the movie in an entirely different manner. Unless it’s an absolute favorite, of course. :)

Thanks to some Filipino Book Bloggers for their suggestions on this list. Drop by and leave a comment! :)

30 Fantasy and Paranormal Fiction Must Reads at Female Network

Ahoy there! I like using that term because the rains last week made me feel like I was living in an island. I did experience a lot of floods, but not as bad as the one we had 2 years ago. It’s still a hassle, though. Not to mention that our internet connection is wonky ever since the rains hit us, so yeah, I even felt more like an island last weekend. :/

So what’s a girl to do when there’s no internet? Read, of course. I managed to do a lot of reading last Friday night and yesterday. I loved it, because it’s been a while since I was able to lose myself in a pages of a book without getting distracted by the online world. So yeah, there was something good about that.

Then I remembered that I wasn’t able to post that I have a new book list up at Female Network! Eeps. So, in case you’re like me and you happened to end up with a rainy weekend with no Internet, stock up on these 30 fantasy and paranormal reads! Nothing like a little escapism to forget the rainy day worries, yes?

Love, Magic, and Monsters: 30 Fantasy and Paranormal Fiction Must-Reads

Click the link to go to the list!

This list wasn’t a hard list to write at all, mostly because I’ve read a lot more fantasy than I used to, and because of so many book bloggers who helped directly (by giving suggestions) and indirectly (from their book blogs): Chachic, Janice, The Book Smugglers, Kai, Ariel, Aaron, Jason, Monique and Tricia. :) Book bloggers help make writing about books so much easier — thank you friends!

So, hop on over to the list, talk about what books you have read from the list and share your own suggestions! :)

30 Summer Feel-Good Reads at Female Network

I wasn’t expecting this list to be up so soon, but it is! Just in time, because after a tropical storm weekend, I was already missing the sunshine. Even if it is too hot sometimes. But what better way to cool off than pick up a feel-good book (and an ice cold drink), right?

I am over at the Female Network once again today for a list of 30 Feel-Good chick lit reads. :)

Click the image to go to the list! :)

I think I’ve read a little more than half of the books on the list, while the others are on my wish list. Much thanks go out to Chachic, Holly, Angie, Janice and Kai for the reviews the posted for some of the books on the list (and their reviews are really the reason why I added some of them in). :)

Hop on over to the list to give your comments or share other feel-good reads! Suggestions for future book lists are also welcome here — leave a comment and I’ll see what books or characters or any-book-related things I can come up with. :D

30 YA Reads for the Summer at Female Network

Summer, summer. It’s so hot here right now that sometimes I just want to stay at home and have the fan point straight at me. Or, I want to stay at work because the office is has air conditioning and it’s more comfortable there even if I’m missing the bed.

Anyway, summer is still the perfect time to catch up on good reading, even if summer vacation is really nonexistent for me ever since I started working. I’m over at the Female Network today sharing a list of 30 YA reads for the summer. :)

Click the picture to go to the list!

Don’t you just love that title? I wasn’t the one who chose that, but I really like it! LOL. I haven’t read all of them, honestly. Some of them are old favorites, while others are recommended reads from friends whose book tastes I trust. :) Do hop over there and check it out, and maybe leave a comment with what you’ve already read from the list, or other books you can suggest for summer reading! :)