30 YA Reads for the Summer at Female Network

Summer, summer. It’s so hot here right now that sometimes I just want to stay at home and have the fan point straight at me. Or, I want to stay at work because the office is has air conditioning and it’s more comfortable there even if I’m missing the bed.

Anyway, summer is still the perfect time to catch up on good reading, even if summer vacation is really nonexistent for me ever since I started working. I’m over at the Female Network today sharing a list of 30 YA reads for the summer. :)

Click the picture to go to the list!

Don’t you just love that title? I wasn’t the one who chose that, but I really like it! LOL. I haven’t read all of them, honestly. Some of them are old favorites, while others are recommended reads from friends whose book tastes I trust. :) Do hop over there and check it out, and maybe leave a comment with what you’ve already read from the list, or other books you can suggest for summer reading! :)

4 Thoughts on “30 YA Reads for the Summer at Female Network

  1. Yes to Knife and Graceling! :) I think I may have about 5 titles on your list that’s already on my wishlist. Have you read Honey, Baby, Sweetheart and Pop? Those two titles perked up my interest. I figured they’ll be a good addition to my contemporary reads. Oh now that you’ve mentioned Love Stargirl, I haven’t gotten around getting that one. I did love the first book, Stargirl. :)

    • I haven’t read Honey Baby Sweetheart or Pop yet. Hone Baby Sweetheart was recommended by Chachic, Pop I just saw in Fully Booked. :) Oh and Stargirl! =) That book is up for a reread. :)

  2. Great list. I am noticing a trend: a lot of YA books with “summer” in the title – or are about a summer where things happen! Which is fine with me – I cannot wait for Summer to be here.

    • Everything seems possible during summer, don’t you think? Summer is well ongoing here now and it’s definitely HOT! I miss the times when I was in school and summer vacation meant so many possibilities. Now that I’m working, summer vacation is almost non-existent. ^^

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